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Introducing our Basic Emissions Assessment. 

An easy, low investment, low time process to give you actionable steps for your business.

what is a 'bea'

Getting started in sustainability

Why start simple?

Sustainability is complex. There is an increasing demand but it's not easy to get stared and avoid greenwashing. We are here to help.

Is sustainability important?

There has been a dramatic increase in demand from consumers and there are laws putting sustainability first

How does a 'BEA' work?

We take some easy to access data from your emissions and create a clear report with some engaging social media posts for you. 

What's included

  • 2 Meetings - our sustainability team are with you to make sure you know exactly what to do, even if you've never thought about sustainability before
  • Sustainability Report - our BEA comes as a short, PDF report on your business emissions showing exactly what they are as well as some easy to achieve ideas to reduce them over the coming years
  • Social Media Posts - it's important to share your work with staff and customers. We help get the language right so you feel confident

The BEA in action

Vintage & Bloom Take Brave First Step

Vintage & Bloom are florists in Cornwall that have sustainability running through their DNA but have never thought to bring a measurement to that or share it with their customers directly. 

They use local flowers picked in a regenerative way to cater for weddings, parties and more all across the UK and so all that travel means there are some emissions to be measured! 

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Founder | Vintage & Bloom

After meeting with Franzi they agreed to measure their energy emissions from their home office and an estimated delivery emissions value from their own van and other data from national logistics companies. 

It wasn't long before they had all of their data and they were able to go through our recommendations. Now they are considering how to implement the changes and there is even talk of a big ambitious goal of being Net-Zero by 2030!

where does the bea fit?

The complete sustainability journey

The Basic Emissions Assessment is a great place to start and can lead all the way through to an Impact Report. Looking at deep measurement and analysis can seem overwhelming and confusing. The BEA is built specifically for getting started. 

We take easy measurements that need only an hour of your time. We give you a document that shows your impact and offer tips in reducing it. We even provide social media posts to engage your customers and make sure you're not greenwashing!

  • Step by step walkthrough from our team
  • Measuring basic emissions from your business
  • Creating simple, bespoke reduction plans for you
  • Bespoke final report & social media assets


Book your BEA now and begin your journey

For just £99 you can get a full BEA. Click below to book your place and set your meeting with Franzi, our sustainability expert and data whizz! 

meet the team

See who you will be working with

Franzi will be with you at every step. An initial 30 minute meeting will be followed up by a closing 30 minute meeting with your documents and social media posts completely customised for you.



Amberley will look at your brand and make sure the documents and posts we write for you look and sound great. Perfect for posting on social media for great engagement from staff and customers. 



Ruby is there for any questions or issues you may have. She is the one making sure that everyone is sticking to task and producing your docs on time and at a high standard.


Project manager


how does this work?

The first step is a meeting with Franzi who will guide you through the data you need to get for her. She then produces a report for you with recommendations and results. Alongside that are some social media posts that you can use too. 

How long will this take?

We ask for just a couple of hours from you and then we produce the report and social media posts within 2 weeks of receiving your data.

How much will it cost?

The cost is £99 and that is inclusive of VAT and covers our time, the report and social media post generation. Our vision is to make this easy and for you to get great ROI. Leaving you more room to invest in sustainability as you grow.

What do I do after?

That is left to you. The BEA might be all you need and fits your businesses need for sustainability. If you want to go further, we've highlighted a potential sustainability journey in the graphic above and can help support your business through the steps.

Will I need to write new policies?

This will be up to you. We hope that you take some of our recommendations in to your organisation and that might mean a new policy. We are far more interested in action than policies so we will encourage you to take action first.

Can I offset the carbon we are producing?

We can support you to offset the emissions from the BEA through our partners, Terra Neutra. Alternatively, if you are based in Cornwall then we have a small scheme that we are currently developing with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

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