Branding your business

Your brand is not your logo, your brand is what people think of when they think of your business. This is why branding and sustainability go hand in hand. In the age where how much you care, directly corresponds with how your business performs, being known and recognised as a leader in doing the right thing can have a direct affect on sales. 

What are people saying about your brand?

the Conscious Creatives branding guide

If you are not sure how to measure your brand then you are not alone. Measuring your brand metrics are very difficult unless you are big company with extra money for research. 

The best way to ensure you are working in a positive way on your brand is create a set of guidelines that you can follow throughout all of your marketing. 

We've provided ours so that you can see the type of things that we include. This comes from aligning your business with a purpose and a few techniques to get the info on your 'why'. 

Branding the value of your business

Branding is not just a part of your marketing but can actually be a huge part of your businesses value. In 2018 Apple's brand worth alone is over 200 BILLION dollars and makes up a large part of their net worth. While revenue and profits still remain the core of a businesses financials when investors consider where they are putting their money the brand means a lot.

Branding creates new customers

Word of mouth still remains the strongest marketing tool available to a business. Branding is what those people are saying when they talk about your business. They are telling their friends and family how they felt while working with you, not just the pricing. Consistent branding leads to a consistent customer, which leads to consistent referrals.

Branding creates happy employees

With websites like there has never been more pressure on companies to provide the best experience possible for their employees. Ensuring that your brand values live inside your company keeps your employees looked after and attracts top talent. Having a guide will keep it in check. 

Branding creates trust

Trust is at the centre of everything. For your business to succeed it has to be trusted by its customers. Building consistency in their experience is a great way to earn trust. This is why we recommend guides to keep your tone of voice, your images, your logo etc all the same. This means that you will also keep the way you treat customers the same. 

Branding and sustainability

If you want to show the market that your company is in it for the long haul, having a sustainability strategy is a case of when, not if.

We know that 75% of millennials say sustainability is a shopping priority, more than any other group. And, importantly, we are willing to pay more for things that matter.

The problem with sustainable business practices is the misconception that being good equals less revenue.

Even Forbes agrees that you can earn better returns from investing in good companies. If you're not positioning your company to look after the planet and its people, you're already behind. The time is now.

Build your brand

If you want to look at your own branding then why not reach out and let us help you. 

We can offer workshops at our home on the beautiful cost of Cornwall. Covering positioning, rebranding or creating a brand from scratch. What's better than creating while spending time by the sea? There is truly no better place to embrace sustainability than in the heart of nature herself.

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