Sharing our customers stories

On this section of the website we are sharing some of our clients success stories and journeys with sustainability. Here we have omitted their names but have included some testimonials at the bottom of the page. 

Increase sales, reduce stress

A market leader in Australia for a number of years but new competitors and a fast growing company meant a lack of cohesion in their marketing efforts, a never ending to do list and limited results from their advertising spend.

Originally working with them on their attribution models we soon began to look at their communication strategy. Asking everyone how they can be more purposeful in their approach and starting on a path to understanding their target customer in a new way.

The Problem

Women over 45 have a difficult time receiving advertising messages because they are frankly insulting. Representation is a key principle of communication and it was missing.

The Solution

We got really organised and gave their marketing plan a direction using video testimonials as a key campaign strategy. 

Through our unique blend of Facebook Ads, Google Search, Video, Shopping and Display Ads as well programatic buying across top publishers we have helped to deliver AUS$3,849,097 in last click, directly attributed sales representing 35% of total revenue and an ROAS of 738%. 

Sustainable strategy for a coastal estate

Our client, one of the largest and oldest estates in the UK and is home to some of Cornwalls most visited tourist attractions and restaurants. Having invested in an EMS they wanted to go further and think about how to tell the story of sustainability 

They approached us for our dual approach so that they could help create stories from the sustainability team that the marketing team could then use in their campaigns. 

The Problem

A disconnect between the amazing work of the sustainability team and how the rest of the organisation and their customers saw them through the lens of sustainability

The Solution

We started with lots of research about the estate and then looked at their key challenges through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We picked the fishing industry as a focus as well as best practice comms for website and social media. 

We provided an in depth presentation that contained several ideas on how to execute sustainability projects, get internal and external buy-in and ensure no greenwashing. Post Covid-19 these ideas will be executed and added into their annual report on sustainability

Considerable value

"I highly appreciate your expertise in the field of sustainability and CSR communication, which added considerable value to our breakout session and the entire CSR Day. As you’ve seen, our guests were very interested in your experiences with storytelling. Thank you for handling such a big group in the interactive part of the session"

Carina Hauptmann

Austrian Business Council For Sustainability, Part of The UN Global Compact


Breath of fresh air

"Conscious Creatives workshop was a breath of fresh air in terms of asking attendees to consider sustainability in the wider context and create a profile to meet stakeholder needs. It was useful to take time out of the office and focus on this."

Laura Barnes

Head of Marketing | Cornwall Chamber of Commerce


The 5000% ROI 

"I have been very impressed by the thoroughness of Conscious Creatives’ work. Nothing speaks to their skills like the sheer beauty of the creations they have produced for us—and the 5000% ROI we’ve seen in some of the paid advertising campaigns they have managed!"

Ian MchPherson

VP Operations | Authentic Presence


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