Community Projects

Porthtowan Together

In early January of 2020 we sat in the first meeting of a brand new community group in coastal village of Porthtowan in St Agnes, Cornwall. 

Porthtowan is represented by Conscious Creatives owner Mark at the Parish Council level and he was keen to get his hands dirty. This volunteer group that were using a big event as a way of drawing people in and asking them to complete a short questionnaire with the aims of identifying needs in the village.

Helping out in our way meant creating a quick branding concept for the group and design the posters and leaflets to compliment the digital design needed for social media. 

Not a lot of time for research as this action-first group wanted to get to work! This what we created for them.

We aimed for a design that was bright, acknowledged the coastal location and also showed the community we want to build here. 

The event was just 35 days after our first meeting and we had something close to 150 residents of our small village come out, enjoy some incredible food and have their say on the future of our community. 

From here we are connecting in local services and creating new groups to bring us a little closer together.

Next steps is us continuing to work on the brand and the social media content. We want as many people in the village to join the new groups and be connected with the vital services that they need. 

Camerados: Public Living Room

A new joint venture between Conscious Creatives and Falmouth based un_rap will see the first Cornwall based Public Living Room that follows the Camerados way. 

In association with Camerados we are setting up a Public Living Room. A comfortable place where people look out for each other, human to human!

An agenda free zone where it's ok to be a bit rubbish and folk will be alongside you, listening, chatting and with no expectations. Just being human together.

We will have tea, coffee, arty things, boardgames and more so you can simply enjoy some time in amongst other humans that need a little time too

The public living room operates on a set of principles:

- It's ok to fail
- We don't try to fix other people, just be alongside
- We mix with people who don't look like us
- Remember to have fun
- If we disagree, level with each other respectively
- If someone is struggling, ask them to help YOU (it creates purpose)

We are hosting our first event on Sunday 29th March from 5pm and you can find all of the details here