Conscious Organisations

How do you create a Conscious Organisation?

We believe that to create a Conscious Organisation you need to use a framework that will help you first understand what the word Conscious means to you. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a wonderful example of this but here at Conscious Creatives we use Kate Raworth's 'Doughnut Economics' as our guide.

Below are graphics we have created to represent Kate's doughnut. We have separated planet and the economy so that when working with clients we can breakdown elements of both. The boxes over the planet represent just how far we have exceeded the ecological ceiling of our planets resources.

The boxes pointing down inside the economy represent a shortfall in services and quality of life currently provided. I am sure anyone reading this will agree that there has to be a better way. Your organisation has the chance to be part of the solution.

doughnut economics image 1 the broken planet
doughnut economics image 2 the broken economy

Our complete program

Over the years we have developed a suite of tools and exercises to help guide any organisation into the doughnut and becoming a leader in their industry. 

Working side by side Conscious Creatives will co-create a vision for your company that aligns mission with purpose. Further to that we will help find the business case for doing so, finding new revenue opportunities to fund the change needed. Doing the right thing has never been more important and more possible. 

Step 1: Achieving your mission

Lots of companies have a mission statement of some kind on their website. Lots of people working for that company have no idea what it is because they have no idea how their job relates to the overall success of that mission.

We also see a lot of mission statements that have no target, no concrete evidence showing when it will be complete. It's open ended and vague. It is not useful for inspiring business decisions that serve the mission. 

Step 2: Planning for influence

To create the change you want to see in the world requires getting people inside and outside of your organisation to take action.

Creating influence should be the basis for any communications strategy to ensure that what you are saying as an organisation is creating action.

Step 3: Cutting edge policy making

The challenges that we face as the human race require strong leadership. Unfortunately it is not something that we really see a lot of. True leadership requires vulnerability and we live in a world where that is not always celebrated. We have to change that inside of our organisations.

Putting our people first and creating policies that serve everyone not just the executives is crucial for the 21st Century Economy. We will show you examples of policies and practices that encourage true leadership and create engaged employees that are aligned with your mission.

Step 4: Integrating the work with reporting

You've got a clarified mission that's driven with purpose. You've got a suite of new tools and policies to create the change inside the organisation and now it's time to roll that out.

We will help develop a clear internal communications plan that will ensure everyone understands their role in the changes, who they can talk to about learning more and what this means for their roles and responsibility. 

For larger organisations this will also include us tackling your non-financial reporting. Beginning with Scope 1 & Scope 2, to create a baseline footprint of your business. Using this data we would work alongside UK legally scientific targets set out by the Kyoto Protocol and in line with UK Climate Change Act to create a sustainable growth path for your organisation.

Step 5: Creating the business case

We know that the rise of the ethical consumer is rewarding those brands that are investing their resources into building a better future for us all. 

Conscious Creatives final step is to bridge the gap between the work you have done and your external stakeholders. We can support new sustainability reports, new CSR/PR campaigns and will write a whole new sales and marketing plan to guide your organisation to more success.

This will all be analysed through Return on Investment (ROI) so you can be measure the impact of your investment for your organisation across the profit line as well as the positive impact on planet and people.

conscious organisation integrated work giving a testimonial
conscious organisation terra neutra giving a testimonial

1 - 20 People

Combined sustainability and marketing services, grow your business by doing the right thing

  • Sustainability Audit
  • Impact Report
  • Marketing plan and execution

21-99 People

Outsourced sustainability board member. Ensuring you achieve independent representation on the board to ensure sustainability is reviewed at the point of strategy

  • Sustainability Audit
  • Impact Report
  • Board meeting support
  • Strategic planning

100+ People

Bringing together your sales, marketing and sustainability teams to future-proof your organisation and create a golden thread strategy

  • Collaborative workshops reviewing current sustainability program, sales and marketing plan and creating new position and campaigns for internal and external use