The Carbon Footprint of a Pet

Over the last 18 months the amount of people wanting and owning a pet has significantly increased. It has been found that as many as 44% of the UK’s population own a pet. With the many benefits of having a pet it is no wonder the amount of pet owners have increased. From the health benefits of reduced loneliness, stress, and more time outside, to the joy that comes with a companion, pets can be one of the highlights of our life.

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5 Reminders For When We Feel Eco-Anxiety

Here we share with you our tips to remind you that looking after ourselves is just as important as our fight for a sustainable and equal future.  With worries about the pandemic, job security, social injustice, and the climate crisis too — it isn’t surprising if people are feeling overwhelmed. Often we turn on the

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Simple Swaps For Plastic Free Living

In this blog we share with you some simple and easy changes we can make to reduce the amount of plastic we use at home. Plastic Free July is a global movement that highlights plastic pollution and encourages everyone to think about single use plastic and reduce the amount we use. Though we try to

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7 Slow Fashion Tips

Last year we shared the truth behind fast fashion, now we share with you the simple things we can all do in our daily life to lower the carbon footprint of our wardrobe and engage in slow fashion. In our blog last summer ‘Fast Fashion Is The Real Faux Pas’ we discussed how the average

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Low Waste Living: Tips On How To Create More And Consume Less

Being low waste is an ideal that many aspire to, and a lifestyle that prioritises the health of our planet. Here we explore how this sustainable way of living can not only help the planet, but increase our happiness.

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6 Outdoor Trips For Your Mental Wellbeing

Sometimes we need to get away from the stress of daily life. Here are a few ideas for mini escapes that almost everyone can join in with. With mental health now high on the public agenda, it’s important to know your triggers. While it’s good to know that treatment is there when we need it,

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How To Share Sustainability With Family And Friends

Want to share the facts — and urgency — of our climate emergency? Here are a few tips and tricks. If you’re an environmentalist — like we are — you’ve probably come across this problem before. How do you encourage your loved ones to care about sustainability? The climate crisis is too complex to fight

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11 Of The Best Hikes In The UK

Ready to step into Spring? Here are some of our favourite walking routes the UK has to offer. As the weather improves, it’s time to make the most of the UK’s beautiful countryside. Wherever you are, our little island has a lot to offer in the great outdoors. Whether you’re new to hiking or a

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19 Tips For Managing Water Use At Home

Want to reduce your impact on the world’s water? Here are 19 of our best tips for reducing your water consumption at home. On March 22nd, World Water Day will see people all over the globe think about how we use water. The campaign, organised by the UN, will tackle the reasons why so many

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19 Tips For Saving Energy At Home

Saving energy particularly through the winter months is something that is on all of our minds. We don’t want to be cold but we also don’t want our energy bills to triple. From an environmental viewpoint making sure that we don’t waste energy is important as everything we waste adds up to contribute to the

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