Cocreating a better future

Bringing together the right people

In order to maximise the potential of our work together we start by combining a review of your sustainability and of your brand positioning and marketing plans. We will immediately begin to see where sustainability efforts could help differentiate you in the market place and create a picture of how the organisation will look to your customers in the future. 

Our sustainability audits are a comprehensive review of your organisations impacts and behaviours. We will look at the DNA of your organisation to see how your team operate and how bought in to the organisations values they are. We will also review your Carbon Footprint, your sustainability strategy as well as your overall business plan. 

We will then share our findings at a workshop that involves all the key internal stakeholders. This is most often heads of sustainability, marketing, sales, operations and HR. We will then facilitate a workshop that focuses on a combined strategy approach to ensure all teams are understanding what sustainability means to the company as a whole and what that looks like within their various departments. 

Creating positive change that lasts

From there we can run a series of workshops for all levels as required showcasing how to lead a purpose driven organisation and how to create a comms plan that has sustainability at its forefront. 

Ongoing we will support the board to make informed decisions about sustainability and communications and review the progress as the necessary steps are taken against our sustainability strategy and marketing strategy guidance. 

Finally you can utilise Conscious Creatives as a delivery partner. We offer the ability to run complete campaigns working with your team to help create ideas as well as having full production capabilities to help fill gaps. 

Case studies

Empowering a town

The mission

Our client, a town in south Cornwall, has been tasked with writing an investment plan for the whole town, engaging multiple stakeholders and ensuring its sustainability. Conscious Creatives have been tasked with writing a communications and engagement plan, while supporting the board in understanding sustainability.

The outcome

This ongoing project will see us supporting the Board into 2021 but we are already teaching Conscious Leadership workshops and up-skilling the board. Our communications plan will come into effect later this year and we are excited to share results around Q221.

The process

Our values were a clear match here, the Board already wanted to layer through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we offered a practical solution and framework for the Triple Bottom Line. We are working with all partners to reach various stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Idea generation for a coastal estate

The mission

Our client,  one of the largest and oldest estates in the UK is home to some of Cornwalls most visited tourist attractions and restaurants. Having invested in an EMS they wanted to go further and think about how to tell the story of sustainability 

The outcome

We provided an in depth presentation that contained several ideas on how to execute sustainability projects, get internal and external buy-in and ensure no greenwashing. Post Covid-19 these ideas will be executed and added into their annual report on sustainability

The process

We started with lots of research about the estate and then looked at their key challenges through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We picked the fishing industry as a focus as well as best practice comms for website and social media.


carinna hauptman | un global compact austria

I highly appreciate your expertise in the field of sustainability and CSR communication, which added considerable value to our breakout session and the entire CSR Day. As you’ve seen, our guests were very interested in your experiences with storytelling. Thank you for handling such a big group in the interactive part of the session

Jessica hartung | founder & president

Gaining clarity on the words that define my brand has uplifted me in my creative work, supported my communication with those who are helping me, and built a stronger connection and consistency with the message that represents the core of what matters to me and my work. 

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Now it's your turn. Sustainability is no longer a desirable or a cost. It's a must and a great business driver. By working with Conscious Creatives you can deliver sustainability as well as more revenue, more trust and more loyalty, from both staff and customers. 

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