Learn about being a Conscious Professional in a safe space at our Netwalking Event

Great networking alternative to a standard business breakfast!

Netwalking at Upton Towans

In our first netwalking event we are partnering with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to help conscious professionals network in a way that connects you with nature. At Upton Towans we will be going for a walk and exploring the Cornish countryside while also helping you to gain new contacts. Through this socially distanced walk we will be sharing practical techniques for conscious professionals. We will also help you with how to influence your colleagues and your industry in a safe space for all to share challenges.

This is a completely free event - limited to 10 people - sign up early to avoid disappointment

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

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Connect with nature

Be inspired by nature as local Cornwall Wildlife Trust rangers share their insights

Share your challenges

Bring your challenges and know there are other like-minded people there to listen and support

Practical activity

Learn practical techniques you can take back to your organisation for empowering yourself and staff

Carbon netural event

As part of the signup process we will track your miles and transportation so we can offset any carbon

Not heard of Conscious Creatives?

Here are what some of our clients have said about working with us

Carina hauptmann, msc

UN Global Compact

Austrian Business Council for Sustainability

I highly appreciate your expertise in the field of sustainability and CSR communication, which added considerable value to our breakout session and the entire CSR Day. As you’ve seen, our guests were very interested in your experiences with storytelling. Thank you for handling such a big group in the interactive part of the session

Laura barnes

Head of Marketing
Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

Conscious Creatives workshop was a breath of fresh air in terms of asking attendees to consider sustainability in the wider context and create a profile to meet stakeholder needs. It was useful to take time out of the office and focus on this.

Luke gaydon

Terra Neutra

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Mark is fantastic to work with, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, proactive and dedicated to helping his clients be successful. Highly recommend working with Conscious Creatives.

About The Event Host, Mark Roberts

Mark is the CEO of Conscious Creatives and conscious leadership enthusiast. He believes that company culture is the key to building the future of sustainable business. That if we don't build organisations that blance people, planet and profit then we will not achieve the equilibrium needed for a prosperous future for everyone.

Who are Conscious Creatives?

Living our values

Trying to build a conscious organisation requires strong and empathetic leadership. It requires vulnerability and being open to failure. It's therefore not likely a surprise that we are using Brené Browns 'Dare To Lead' work to guide our management style. 

We have very specific ways in which we communicate including meetings and performance reviews all the way through to the 'daring feedback' method when we have to rumble our way through to decisions that aren't coming easily. We use this with internally and externally with clients. 

The most important part of this process has been to figure out what behaviours serve those values and how we can live them every day.

Our mission is to see a world that fits inside Kate's 'Doughnut'. 

We are currently signed up to DEAL - Doughnut Economics Action Lab, which starts in early 2020 and we are proud to be among the first organisations to be a part of this. Here we will share our expertise in communication with organisations from all over the world choosing to be conscious and sharing their insights and best practices. 

From there we will be able to deliver more workshops, training and services to our clients all over the globe. Expanding our network will also be a key element here and serving our local community with our international friends knowledge and guidance.

Local economy inspired by global ideas. 

Our services


Getting to grips with what sustainability means for your company

  • Sustainability workshops
  • Policy writing
  • Net zero planning
  • Marketing plans
  • Mission statement development

Reporting across the Triple Bottom Line for all stakeholders

  • Impact reports
  • Digital analysis through Google
  • Attribution reporting
  • Custom reports
  • Annual reports

Hear from our clients

fi feehan


Light Before Dawn

My recent experience with Conscious Creatives has enhanced my motivation and commitment to up-scaling my business. Mark is greatly skilled in delving deep to uncover my 'why', my passion and ultimate vision. Through artful discourse and client centred questioning, I am now clear on my steps forward, and excited to plan and take each step. I have the language and concepts to clearly translate this vision, and steps forward, to my team, my present clients and colleagues, and potential future clients.

ian mcpherson

VP Operations

Authentic Presence

Working with Conscious Creatives has meant some of the most fun, lively, passionate conversations I’ve had about communications and digital marketing. Mark is a strategic genius who takes the long view and always does his homework. I have been very impressed by the thoroughness of Conscious Creatives’ work. Nothing speaks to their skills like the sheer beauty of the creations they have produced for us—and the 5000% ROI we’ve seen in some of the paid advertising campaigns they have managed!

Jessica hartung


Integrated Works

Gaining clarity on the words that define my brand has uplifted me in my creative work, supported my communication with those who are helping me, and built a stronger connection and consistency with the message that represents the core of what matters to me and my work. 

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