Our key partners

Our communication partners

The role of technology plays an interesting role in sustainability and we are committed to only using these powerful platforms for good. We our proud to have achieved partner status with these companies proving our performance consistency and quality but without compromising our integrity as communications. 

Our charity partners

Supporting local charities is an important part of our mission. Both of these organisations have huge national and international impact but it comes from our own Duchy. We pay a small monthly subscription to both of these organisations and where possible promote their events and volunteer our time. 

Our research partners

Working with Tevi we are developing research currently around the fishing industry in Cornwall and what sustainability really means. Tevi have been crucial in connecting us with industry experts and Cornwall based researchers who have helped us to get a clearer understanding of how we can serve our clients.

Also with Tevi we have been in front of lots of businesses, supporting them to make the business case for sustainability. Ranging from workshops to reports and consultations. 

Our sustainability partners

We are proud to be a member of the United Kingdom Stakeholders for Sustainable Development. This is a group of organisations that attend regular events to measure the UK's performance against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our membership gives us access to cutting edge research and ideas on how we can create solutions to the worlds toughest problems. 

As we are committed to the Doughnut Economy model we are also part of the Doughnut Economy Action Lab or DEAL, that is another network focused on real solutions for global issues that we can apply to our home in Cornwall. 

Our business partners

Partnering with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce was a fantastic choice for our business. In their year of sustainability they supported Conscious Creatives with opportunities and introductions that were always useful and relevant. As we continue into our second year with them we are excited to continue developing our relationship and position as sustainability experts in Cornwall. 

Last year we gave a talk 'Storytelling For a Better Future' at Cornwall Sustainability Conference in Cornwall. This year we are returning with a talk that focuses on the Climate Emergency and what that means for Cornish businesses.