Meet Our People

Meet the team at Conscious Creatives. There are of course many people in the background that support us and we are grateful to everyone involved!


Mark Roberts

Mark is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience running his own companies. His professional background has always been communications and management and he has held various roles. Outside of Conscious Creatives he is currently Parish Councillor for St Agnes and Vice-Chair of Governors for Blackwater Primary school. 

For Conscious Creatives he focuses on creative direction and governance of the business.


Amberley Hack

Amberley is an experienced writer and editor. Working in the production team her speciality is words. Her time is spent supporting clients with creative needs, particularly social media.

Looking for a purpose driven job that allowed her to express her talents was the top of her list and for Conscious Creatives she writes fantastic blogs that our audience love. She has the added benefit of bringing lots of traffic from search engines. 


Franzi Reichert

Franzi joins us as part of a scheme in partnership with the University of Exeter and Santander Bank.

She is currently studying a BSc in Business with a focus on Sustainability. A lifelong passion for creativity and sustainability will allow her to support with her expertise in Carbon Footprinting as well as communications. 


Daniel Bailey

Dan has recently joined us as another University of Exeter student, focusing on supporting our sustainability clients with reduction strategies for hitting Net-Zero.

Dan is studying for a BSc in Marine Biology. He has worked on several environmental campaigns and more recently helped to design, research and write a climate literacy training course for the University of Exeter.

Our values

Here you can see that our Core Values not only provide guidance for decision-making as an organisation. We have invested the time in showcasing behaviours that align with our values so that as individuals we know how to show up every day.

Doing the right thing is the right thing to do

At the core this value is all about practicing integrity and choosing courage over comfort

  • I practice integrity
  • I am wiling to rumble with the team and clients to solve problems
  • I own my mistakes 

Have a kind heart towards all work and challenges

Understanding each other and ourselves allows us to be kind and trust one another

  • I take care of myself
  • I practice gratitude daily
  • I don’t judge others when asking for what they need

Have a culture of open and honest communication

Setting clear boundaries encourages productive discourse and deepens trust within the team

  • I set clear boundaries
  • I give and receive daring feedback
  • I understand myself and how my emotions affect communication

Create space for people to thrive

Always put the human behind the performance first and allow the team to thrive

  • I regularly engage in self-development
  • I understand my job and its responsibilities 
  • I understand the priorities of the business and my role in achieving them 

Our mission

To create a world that fits inside of the Doughnut Economy

Our Story

As told by CEO and founder Mark Roberts

Mark is CEO of Conscious Creatives. An enthusiastic believer in global policy supporting local action, his passion is in realising the Global Goals. In his spare time, Mark can be found on the coast walking, swimming, or surfing.

Conscious Creatives was founded in 2016 following several years of turbulence in my life. 
I was living and working in Nottingham following a few moves away from my home town of Bristol. 
Around 2014 a family incident happened and my world was shattered, amplifying feelings of abandonment that I would later learn had been bubbling away since I was a baby. 

One of our blogs was spotted by a panel host at an event hosted by the United Nations Global Compact in Austria and I was flown out to deliver a short talk

After months of turmoil I was left with around £5 in my pocket, no home, no car and no job. I had truly hit rock bottom. Thankfully one friend truly stepped up and stopped me from falling completely into the cracks. She gave me a roof over my head and support for me, even though I was lashing out and hurting. I owe her more than I could ever pay back. 

I eventually got support around my debt from a national agency, I got a job at a bar and got some grounding. Creativity returned and I started to look into my place within the world. It was this time I went plant based and learned about the Green Party and a new way of looking at the economy. 

When I was able, I chose to run away from Bristol and all the hurt and pain and relocate by friends I had made drunk at a festival, making the East Midlands my home. 

Working in a bar again I fell in love with coffee (just before it became really cool!) and ended up working for an independent coffee roaster and wholesale supplier. Here I really began to master my craft, after years of experience working as a manager I was let loose to explore my creativity and that company taking a chance on me was the spark I needed to believe in taking a chance on myself again. 

During my time at the coffee roaster I had become aware of sustainability and so when I launched Conscious Creatives with £300 that I had saved up, which was enough for a website and some business cards. I decided that we would work with 'good' companies. Trouble was, I had no idea what 'good' really meant. 

Initially we worked within mental health, supporting therapists and practitioners to grow their businesses and create global impact. This was incredible work but I wanted to really push into the corporate world. I started learning about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and we started to write blogs around this topic, how it was effectively a broken mechanism to allow organisations to feel good about doing bad things. 

One of our blogs was spotted by a panel host at an event hosted by the United Nations Global Compact in Austria and I was flown out to deliver a short talk on this topic. It was here that I learned a lot about the Sustainable Development Goals, international reporting frameworks like GRI and how at the highest level sustainability was being viewed. 

I wanted to bring the two worlds together. How can I support local businesses that want to do good but are often left out of these really important conversations and still influence national and international policy to make the world a better place. 

Moving to Cornwall, my ancestral home, was a huge bonus for all these things. Here I was able to connect with people making things happen in business and in government. I've even joined the Parish Council and I am Vice-Chair of Governors at my local Primary School. Conscious Creatives is the only business member of the United Nations Global Compact in Cornwall. 

I am now able to use all of my knowledge and lessons learned from these international peers and bring them right into my community. This is what I try to apply for our client work too. Remain on the cutting edge of sustainability and the change happening across the world and ensuring we keep making this accessible to everyone.

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