Getting to grips with the Global Goals

The SDG Action Manager is a tool created by the team behind B-Corp and is an easy Q&A system to help you understand the impact of your organisation.


Take the baseline test of 24 questions. This will help you get a base of sustainability going in your organisation


The software will advise you on which of the 17 Global Goals you should focus on based on the impact of your organisation


You can set clear goals based on key actions that you believe your organisation should be taking

What Are The Global Goals?

We have an ongoing blog series that starts with our overview of the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals. If this is all new to you then start here.

Sustainability is about much more than just environmental issues and the Global Goals help organisations to understand how they are impacting on other areas. There is also an opportunity for organisations to find areas that they would like to have a positive impact on but are not sure how to do it.

How we approach the UN Global Goals


Working with the leadership team, the sustainability team or a combination of both we break down the Global Goals and unpack their targets. What they mean for international organisations and how that impacts your organisation.


Guiding you through the SDG Action Manager we will ensure that you are able to answer the questions easily and honestly. Look at quick wins and longer term goals for your business and how to make those targets easy to understand.

Partnering with us

Working with us we can guide you through each step of the SDG Action Manager and help your organisation to really come on board with the Global Goals

Creating an ethical and sustainable culture

Through our tailored program we will create new purpose for your organisation and allow your team to create meaning in their work by reviewing your Mission Statement and Core Values. 

Develop a measurable sustainability strategy 

We have simple tools to create our Impact Report a 3 step approach to getting sustainability locked into your organisation and create simple goals with clear action points.

Get key insights into your stakeholders

We will support you to take a look across the whole value chain and begin to understand what’s important to them and how that fits with your sustainability strategy. 

Data-driven decision making

Our unique approach of developing both a sustainability and communications strategy together allows us to pull on several data-points that we find during our research and create a bespoke strategy that will set you apart. 

Engaging the whole organisation

We support you to create an organisation wide presentation that will engage all levels of managers and employees to not only understand but get excited about what you are doing to create a better future for them and the whole planet. 

Communicate with key stakeholders

Your competitors won’t know how to keep up as you will be able to celebrate your work with the world and be seen as global leaders in sustainability as well as in your industry. 

What does this mean for business?

Whether you are a solo business, an SME, or a multi-national organisation, the most important thing is being open and ready to adapt to a changing market.

Ethical consumerism is on the rise and if your business is to be relevant in the future then you need to be able to demonstrate ethical and sustainable credentials. 

Securing profitability

Investing in the future of your organisation to secure revenue in the changing marketplace

Cutting edge partners

We work with key local, national and international partners to make sure our clients are up to date with the latest thinking

Keeping it simple

Our obsession is making sustainability simple and understandable. No matter your background, this will be an easy process

Lead from the front

You will have a clear advantage over your competitors and develop a reputation as leaders within your industry

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