Impact Reporting

Who needs support with measuring sustainability?

Organisations of all sizes and types are now measuring and reporting on their sustainability practices as the climate breakdown continues to cause devastation all over the globe. 

Conscious Creatives supports all organisations that are asking themselves the question - "how do we become more sustainable?". The answer is often complex and overwhelming, which is why we make sure to break it down into easy to understand parts that serve your business to excel rather than fall behind. 

What are the benefits?

The younger generations are now demanding transparency and questioning everything. Greenwashing is a huge problem but the demanding nature of the eco-consumer means that we are getting to the truth a lot quicker. Reporting and being open about your successes and failures mean trust and trust is incredibly important. 

For organisations looking to save money it's an easy opportunity. The world and you both want to see your energy bills down. Impact Reporting gets these issues quickest and offers money saving options for both short and long term. 

Impact Reporting at its heart is to show stakeholders what you are doing. To share your vision for the future. To give them confidence in what you are doing as a manager or director. By investing in the time to prepare a good report you can increase the likelihood of external support. 

Impact Reporting

Larger organisations are required by law to produce non-financial reporting that include sustainability as part of that. We are now seeing organisations of all sizes choose to include an element of sustainability in their yearly reviews because it's important to their leaders and their customers. 

The report will cover details on the economic, environmental and social impact of the organisations everyday activities. It will also cover the organisations values, mission and governance as it demonstrates the links between what the organisation stands for and what it is actually doing. 

One of the larger issues with sustainability is that it is such a vast concept. With reporting you can easily set what to measure, how to measure it and set targets. This allows for the whole organisation to understand what is required of them.

For larger organisations this might be changing their entire agricultural process to focus on sustainable farming methods and for smaller organisations it might be switching to renewable energy and creating new internal processes to manage recycling better. 

Conscious Creatives sees the main factor as building trust. A sustainability report can act as a key platform for communicating your positive impact, creating trust between you and your stakeholders and promote longterm business.  

What's in our report and guidance?

Our Sustainability Reports analyse your carbon emissions, beginning with Scope 1 & Scope 2, to create a baseline footprint of your business. Using this data we would work alongside UK legally scientific targets set out by the Kyoto Protocol and in line with UK Climate Change Act to create a sustainable growth path for your business. 

Any company required by law to produce non-financial reporting should be looking at this as an opportunity to go beyond just what is required and create something that has a real impact on the planet. 

The current UK Target for Net Zero is 2050 but Conscious Creatives believes that 2030 is a much more real timeline for the scientific emergency that we are now facing. All of our reports and consultancy will be set with 2030 as the target. 

The final piece of our report is the communication element. Rather than create the PDF and upload it to the website and consider this the end, Conscious Creatives considers this the beginning of the life of the report. We will take the report and break it down into smaller PDFs, social media content including video and ensure that it speaks to all of your stakeholders and can be used as a marketing tool to showcase your values as a company.

1 - 20 People

Combined sustainability and marketing services, grow your business by doing the right thing

  • Sustainability Audit
  • Impact Report
  • Marketing plan and execution

21-99 People

Outsourced sustainability board member. Ensuring you achieve independent representation on the board to ensure sustainability is reviewed at the point of strategy

  • Sustainability Audit
  • Impact Report
  • Board meeting support
  • Strategic planning

100+ People

Bringing together your sales, marketing and sustainability teams to future-proof your organisation and create a golden thread strategy

  • Collaborative workshops reviewing current sustainability program, sales and marketing plan and creating new position and campaigns for internal and external use