Sustainability reporting for ambitious SMEs looking to share their journey

The world of sustainability is complex and there are so many ways to share the way your business engages with sustainability. Nothing is better than an annual review of your performance against clear benchmarks and KPIs. Making that document readable, engaging and for multiple stakeholders is the gold standard of sustainability communication in 2022.

Why should a business care about sustainability?

1 in 3 consumers now will stop buying from a company that they don't feel is eco-conscious

While there is a lot of greenwashing to be eliminated and consumer education to be completed, it's clear that there is a rise in conscious consumers demanding more of companies. 

UK Companies are bound by law to hit 80% reduction in their carbon emissions by 2030

You might not believe this with the way our current government are approaching their own reduction but they have set in law that businesses must meet an 80% reduction by 2030 and then remove the remaining by 2050. That's 10% a year, every year from now. 

There is still lots of critical infrastructure required to achieve this but all businesses can do more and until you take on the challenge of understanding where you are, you will continue to fall behind.

Our approach to sustainability

When we started our company nearly 6 years ago we wanted to work with 'good' companies but what on earth does 'good' even mean in the context of business?

We wanted to find ways to accurately measure and reduce any negative impact on the world and we wanted it to be more than just environmental. We started with our Carbon Footprint and then began our journey working with the United Nations Global Compact to explore the Global Goals

Now we have developed our own approach using these frameworks to create a deeper impact report, perfect for SMEs to engage multiple stakeholders and transition to a truly ethical and sustainable business. 

3 Steps to simple and effective reporting

Our three step process takes any organisation through the process of understanding sustainability, creating simple and achievable actions and then sharing your commitment with the world.


Get the whole organisation excited about sustainability and your commitment to a better future


Make sustainability easy to understand using frameworks and clear goals anyone can understand


Build trust with your customers and other key stakeholders through beautiful and honest stories

Working with sustainable start-up The WIP we helped them analyse their pre-launch footprint and their potential for ongoing emissions and put it all into a simple, beautiful report that they share with their platform. Click the logo to read.

Download our Impact Report

If you want an example of what small business sustainability can look like, then enter your details below and we will send you a copy of our Impact Report

Benefits of engaging in sustainability

Creating an ethical and sustainable culture

Through our tailored program we will create new purpose for your organisation and allow your team to create meaning in their work by reviewing your Mission Statement and Core Values. 

Develop a measurable sustainability strategy 

We have simple tools to create our Impact Report a 3 step approach to getting sustainability locked into your organisation and create simple goals with clear action points. Easy for an organisation of any size

Get key insights into your customers

We will support you to take a deep dive into your customers, looking at how what they care about can support you to create highly engaging content every time you interact with them. 

Data-driven decision making

Our unique approach of developing both a sustainability and communications strategy together allows us to pull on several data-points that we find during our research and create a bespoke strategy that will set you apart and save on costs.

Engaging the whole organisation

Whether it's just you or a select few people in the organisation, it's likely that your mission and purpose needs to be communicated far and wide. We will give you the tools to make it easy and cost effective to do so, ensuring that as you grow you can maintain the culture. 

High profit, high reward marketing campaigns

Your competitors won’t know how to keep up as you will be able to celebrate your work with the world and be seen as global leaders in sustainability as well as in your industry. Make sure that every pound you spend makes its way back into the business for growth.

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