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Why choose green energy?

As well as saving most homes money, switching is one of the most impactful things you can do to help tackle climate change. For a typical home, this is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for six months of the year, every year.

Who are Big Clean Switch?

We’ve been working with Big Clean Switch since  2020. They’ve got a simple goal: to make it as easy and cheap as possible for UK homes and businesses to switch to 100% renewable electricity.

How will my data be used?

When you get a quote and switch through this page, you are providing your details to Big Clean Switch. Unless you opt in to other communication, they will only use your contact details to provide you with information about switching to clean electricity. There is more information on how Big Clean Switch uses your data here: https://bigcleanswitch.org/privacy/

What about the energy crisis?

We are in the middle of some challenging times with energy prices. The UK government has recently anticipated huge spikes to come. Is now the best time to be switching? Yes and no. If you are struggling now then probably not. If you are lucky enough to have only minimal challenges then we recommend switching. Part of the energy crisis is that renewable energy is being held to the same pricing standards as oil. The more renewable energy we can produce in the UK the more stable (and lower) our prices will come.