Carina Hauptmann, MSc

United Nations Global Compact
Austrian business council for sustainability

I highly appreciate your expertise in the field of sustainability and CSR communication, which added considerable value to our breakout session and the entire CSR Day. As you’ve seen, our guests were very interested in your experiences with storytelling. Thank you for handling such a big group in the interactive part of the session

Fi Feehan

Integrated Emotional Health Practitioner
Lightworker and Guide for Unicorns

My recent experience with Conscious Creatives has enhanced my motivation and commitment to up-scaling my business. Mark is greatly skilled in delving deep to uncover my 'why', my passion and ultimate vision. Through artful discourse and client centred questioning, I am now clear on my steps forward, and excited to plan and take each step. I have the language and concepts to clearly translate this vision, and steps forward, to my team, my present clients and colleagues, and potential future clients.

Ian McPherson

VP Operations
Authentic presence

Working with Conscious Creatives has meant some of the most fun, lively, passionate conversations I’ve had about communications and digital marketing. Mark is a strategic genius who takes the long view and always does his homework. I have been very impressed by the thoroughness of Conscious Creatives’ work. Nothing speaks to their skills like the sheer beauty of the creations they have produced for us—and the 5000% ROI we’ve seen in some of the paid advertising campaigns they have managed!

Luke Pearce

Marketing Director
Radical Tea Towel

We worked with Mark and the team to review our SEO and digital PR. They provided us with many actionable steps which we're now implementing. We were particularly impressed by the personal followup from the CEO and they really seemed to care about the quality of the service they were providing.

Laura Barnes

Head of Marketing
Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

Conscious Creatives workshop was a breath of fresh air in terms of asking attendees to consider sustainability in the wider context and create a profile to meet stakeholder needs. It was useful to take time out of the office and focus on this.

Jessica Hartung

Founder and President
Integrated Work

Gaining clarity on the words that define my brand has uplifted me in my creative work, supported my communication with those who are helping me, and built a stronger connection and consistency with the message that represents the core of what matters to me and my work. 

Luke Gaydon & John Bamford

Terra Neutra

Mark is fantastic to work with, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, proactive and dedicated to helping his clients be successful. Highly recommend working with Conscious Creatives.

Mark and the Conscious Creatives team were extremely helpful in supporting our launch, against our limited budget. He helped us navigate the unknown and was always available to put our start up jitters at ease. Definitely look forward to working with them more!