Company history

In June of 2016, I decided that there must be a way to combine my love of marketing and communication with my innate sense of wanting to make the world a better place. At this time I hadn’t even heard of most of the companies and founders that I now look up to.

Conscious Creatives has had many different services, products and clients. The one thing we set out in stone from the very beginning was that we would only work with businesses that were in some way making the world a little better. It wasn’t about them being perfect — I’m not, so why expect that of anyone else? — but wanting to do the right thing.

Over the first 18 months we had many ups and downs, and a lot of that was driven by me working through my own personal anxiety. I would sometimes spend days at a time in bed, while colleagues would go into the office to carry out instructions that I had set. Something wasn’t working.

There was only one way to truly move forward.Together, we figured out how to take ConsciousCreatives back to its purest form. I had to drop my dreams of working alongside a big team and working with huge multinational clients in favour of getting myself back to a place of strength.

Now we are reborn with the exactly same Core Values that I started the company with. The difference? Now we have a brave new outlook, putting creativity (and vulnerability) at the forefront of our work. I am blessed to have had some amazing people rally around our cause and help me be courageous enough to make Conscious Creatives everything that it could be.

We will tackle humanity’s biggest issues. We will be unrelenting. We will not collapse under failure but support and strengthen those around us.

We are Conscious Creatives and we will make an impact.

Mark Roberts - CEO

Our big goal

To co-create a world economy that does not exceed
the ecological ceiling or social foundation levels

as outlined in Kate Raworth's 'Doughnut Economics'

Core values

Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do

Have a kind heart towards all work and challenges

Create a culture of open and honest communication

Create positive social and environmental change

Charity partners

One of our biggest achievements in 2017 will be joining the amazing work being done at 'Volunteering In Cambodia' and helping them achieve their ambitious goals for 2018 and beyond. 

Their mission is EMPOWER & EDUCATE children in Cambodia, working directly with the hope school. They build schools, create curriculum and teach. We will be talking directly to the team on the ground and telling their stories and ensuring that they have the flow of people necessary to hit their targets. 

Working with a charity directly on the ground is important to us so that we can trace the impact we are having. We don't want to simply throw money at a problem, we want to understand it and to help solve it. Hopefully we can send some of our team of internal people and freelancers out later in the year to continue the work and understanding as we create ambitious goals.

We are also official Business Club members of Surfers Against Sewage. We made a decision to move our business to the coast because we wanted to be connected with nature and in particular our wonderful seas.

To make sure they stay beautiful and plastic free we joined up with SAS and not only do we donate monthly but we also get involved with beach cleaning in our local area. 

Our philosophies

Product Philosophies

We will aim to provide a singular, transparent price per project including showing the environmental and social costs

We will always provide the fullest version of the work we can at that time 

We promise to continually invest in our offsetting of impact on the planet and society

We will write fair contracts that serve both parties equally with easy language and no hidden terms

We will be transparent with all of our work including allowing multiple stakeholders into our project management software

Marketing Philosophies

We believe that the best work is led from a strong branding position 

We believe that marketing and advertising efforts should always be for the long term and not short. We should be aiming to be in business for 500 years not 5.

We believe in educating and providing value to our prospective and existing clients as a means to a purchase rather than offering discounts 

We believe that there are no ‘quick wins’ in marketing and that any last ditch attempt to increase sales is too late

We believe that there are some tactics in marketing that are not in the benefit of the end user and we disagree with their use wholeheartedly 

We believe that a consumer should never be mislead or lied to

We believe that you must be brave and honest with your values and story