Sustainability Workshops in Cornwall

Build a business case for sustainability.
Time out of the office with purpose.

Grow your business the right way

Unlock the profit potential of sustainability in collaborative workshops…

We have developed a simple but effective workshop that will provide plenty of deliverables and ideas to take away.

The goal of the workshop is to work through one research based idea that will connect the new needs of the consumer with a meaningful way for your business to support doing the right thing.

Creating a win win situation that works for the Triple-Bottom Line!

Starting workshops with discovery

Get to know your business in new ways...

Using our proven set of tools we will help you to take a brand new perspective on your business. Taking a step back is crucial to getting the fullest picture of your business and the impact that it is having on the planet and people. 

We will start with a stakeholder map, considering each and every person or group of people that have an impact on the customer experience. Understanding who is involved is a key part to understanding where to make changes.

stakeholder map used in sustainability workshops
customer persona used in sustainability workshops

Get to know your customers in new ways...

We must take a look at who are the most influential in the customer experience and of course that includes your customers. 

To get to know then even closer we will take the time to build out new personas using your existing marketing data, new research and by drawing on the experience of the room.

Having a detailed breakdown of the different types of customer is going to allow us to find what is most important to that. We call this materiality but it's about aligning your brand with the values of your customer. 

There is no stronger way to build a relationship.

Get to know your processes in new ways...

We will also take a look at the journey a customer must go on and how your current systems and processes serve them. 

This will inspire your team to think about the choices they make and how sustainable they are. Not just in terms of the environment but also how efficient they are being with resources. 

You might be able to save money, increase customer retention and help the planet too. 

customer journey maps used in sustainability workshops

Invest in your future

We hold our workshops off site, away from your office and right next to mother nature. 

Being based in Cornwall gives us unique access to inspiration from our surroundings, being so close to what you are trying to protect makes it easier to keep pushing through the difficult times and we will make sure you are well catered for on your visit.

Whether you are investing half a day or a week we will ensure that your team stays focused, engaged and inspired throughout leading to unique ideas, unparalleled inspiration and unstoppable innovation.

Let us know how many people you estimate to be involved in the workshop and we can create an estimate together of how long we should spend together.

What our clients say about our workshops:

fi feehan testimonial on sustainability workshops
laura barnes cornwall chamber of commerce testimonial on sustainability workshops