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Our planet and economy are broken

The world is on fire, inequality is rising and it’s about time leaders stepped up and made the necessary changes.

The difficulty with making changes to be ‘more sustainable’ or ‘conscious’ as an organisation is that it’s really difficult to define what those terms mean. In order to make sense of these words, we like to use scientific frameworks that tell us how we are performing in terms of looking after people and planet.

broken planet by Conscious Creatives
broken economy by Conscious Creatives

Graphics inspired by the incredible work of Kate Raworth and the 'Doughnut Economy'

Our planet is struggling across nearly every measurement of health. In the graphic above we are representing the 'overshoot' of some major metrics. It's as much about reversal as it is prevention.

Economy comes from the greek words meaning 'house management'. Our economy should support everyone not the elite few. We are experience global shortfalls on all basic measures of a successful society. 

We need to build Conscious Organisations

What is a Conscious Organisation

We believe that a ‘Conscious Organisation’ is simply one that considers the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet and Profit) in all of their decision making and in that order. Always people and planet before profit.

Using a framework like the ‘doughnut’ allows us to analyse our organisations through a new lens. One that guides us on how to serve at the highest level.

If your organisation fits inside of the ‘doughnut’ then you are educating your industry and setting new standards for what is possible.

Why choose to be conscious?

75% of employees say their job is more fulfilling if they are provided opportunities to make an impact and companies with engaged staff outperform their competitors by 143% on earnings per share.

The latest Consumer Report shows that there are big shifts towards ethical food and drink, including plant-based and Fairtrade. Green energy has had a similar increase in use. One of the biggest increases comes in the Electric Vehicle market, which has risen to £4.9bn in the UK.

Our campaigns can hit all the necessary KPIs to make the investment worthwhile as you increase the trust and reputation of your brand.

Data shows that triple bottom line related issues are ~80% likely to impact a consumers decision to buy or not.

Conscious Creatives believes that you don’t have to sacrifice sales opportunities to create amazing work and give it a purpose. Our campaigns average over 3000% ROAS across multiple channels and over a 12 month period for sustainable and predictable growth.

Our mission-focused approach has also proven to increase the likelihood of customers coming back by up to 200%.

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