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What we do

Building purpose into the pipeline

The Mission

Our client, a leading platform in the Expert Knowledge Industry worked with us to completely reinvent their sales and marketing process to be automated and purpose driven.

The Outcome

An automated CRM that supports the sales team, shows the executives overall performance in a much clearer way, will increase their sales performance and has changed touch points with their customers into meaningful interactions that build brand loyalty.

The Process

Starting with a 1 day workshop we covered all the various options inside a CRM and then explored their company mission and values. We created new and exciting content ideas as well as accountability to the sales team.

Increase sales, reduce stress

The Mission

One of our clients has been a market leader in Australia for a number of years but new competitors and a fast growing company meant a lack of cohesion in their marketing efforts, a never ending to do list and limited results from their advertising spend.

The Outcome

Through our unique blend of Facebook Ads, Google Search, Video, Shopping and Display Ads as well programatic buying across top publishers we have helped to deliver $100k+ month on month, which YTD represents 60% growth and moving from 7 figure to 8 figure turnover.

The Process

Women over 45 have a difficult time receiving advertising messages because they are frankly insulting. Representation is a key principle of communication and we wanted to make sure that our client truly reflected their customer in their marketing. We got really organised and gave their marketing plan a direction using video testimonials as a key campaign strategy.

Idea generation for a coastal estate

The Mission

A local client is one of the largest and oldest estates in the UK and is home to some of Cornwalls most visited tourist attractions and restaurants. Having invested in an EMS they wanted to go further and think about how to tell the story of sustainability 

The Outcome

We provided an in depth presentation that contained several ideas on how to execute sustainability projects, get internal and external buy-in and ensure no greenwashing. Post Covid-19 these ideas will be executed and added into their annual report on sustainability

The Process

We started with lots of research about the estate and then looked at their key challenges through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We picked the fishing industry as a focus as well as best practice comms for website and social media

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Conscious Organisations Workshops & Presentations

Living our values

Trying to build a conscious organisation requires strong and empathetic leadership. It requires vulnerability and being open to failure. It's therefore not likely a surprise that we are using Brené Browns 'Dare To Lead' work to guide our management style. 

We have very specific ways in which we communicate including meetings and performance reviews all the way through to the 'daring feedback' method when we have to rumble our way through to decisions that aren't coming easily. We use this with internally and externally with clients. 

The most important part of this process has been to figure out what behaviours serve those values and how we can live them every day.

Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do

Have a kind heart towards all work and challenges

Support a culture of open and honest communication

Making a difference requires finding motivation and drive

  • I am both thoughtful and decisive
  • I practice integrity
  • I stay aligned with my values while making tough decisions
  • I am willing to rumble with the team and clients to solve problems
  • I own my mistakes
  • I don’t judge others when they ask for what they need
  • I take care of myself
  • I value play 
  • I acknowledge exhaustion and how it affects my work
  • I practice gratitude daily
  • I reach out for help when I need it
  • I understand how my emotions affect my behaviour
  • I am willing to talk about my emotions
  • I recognise and congratulate others work
  • I set clear boundaries
  • I talk to you not about you
  • I give and receive daring feedback
  • I understand all of my jobs responsibilities
  • My deliverables are on time and on task
  • I understand the goal and the priorities of the business
  • I set short-term goals to drive progress towards long-term goals
  • I regularly engage in self-development activities
  • I lead by example
  • I am able to overcome the resistance to change

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