Supporting Good Mental Health For The Team

Follow these tips for ideas on how to support the mental health of your team and create a workplace where everyone can thrive. This year has been one that has been challenging in different ways for all of us. Adjusting to working from home, being unable to see loved ones, and the uncertainty of our

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Quick Tips: Easy Ways To Recycle More

Recycling is one of the easiest and quickest things we can do to be more environmentally friendly. Whether our workspace is an office, a cafe, a museum, a shop, gallery, or a studio – there is always something we can do to recycle more.  If you’re just starting out in trying to be more sustainable,

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How Can Creative Businesses Be More Inclusive?

People and Planet. That is what is at the heart of sustainability. Both people and planet. Sustainability not just fighting for climate action, for life below water, or about being low waste. It is also about creating and working towards a space where all people can thrive and prosper. Sustainability is focusing on people’s wellbeing,

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5 Easy Ways To Get The Team Involved In Sustainability

There are many ways to be more sustainable. We can recycle more, donate, or change our diet. But one of the biggest ways we can be more sustainable is through encouraging sustainable living for our employees. Having a team that shares the same values, and practices sustainability both within and outside the workplace, can help

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image of computer with a cup of coffee. Ready for the whole team to watch netflix

5 Netflix Shows To Engage Your Team In Sustainability

This year has changed the way that we do many things. With many of us currently working from home for the foreseeable, end of week work socials are also feeling like a distant memory. Over lockdown many workspaces kept their Friday evening drinks practise going through having a drink with co-workers on Zoom. We discuss

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10 Steps Towards Creating a Zero-Waste Office

When zero-waste efforts get extended into the office, there are many benefits—and we aren’t just talking about environmental conservation. Zero-waste businesses have a better brand image, engaged employees, and are often able to lower their costs while simultaneously raising their prices.  This is a guest post by Shannon @ Shannon Bergstrom is a LEED

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a conscious organisation come together for a meeting

5 Steps To Creating A Conscious Organisation

5 Steps to creating a conscious organisation The world is on fire, inequality is rising and it’s about time leaders stepped up and made the necessary changes. The difficulty with making changes to be ‘more sustainable’ or ‘conscious’ as an organisation is that it’s really difficult to define what those terms mean. In order to

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How Sustainable Investing Can Change The World For Good

Your investments make the world of difference. Here’s how to get started with sustainable investing. In the past week, British newspaper The Guardian has uncovered some unsavoury findings linking big business to the worsening climate crisis. Their research revealed that just 20 companies are responsible for a third of all carbon emissions.  Later, they showed

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3 Simple Steps To Creating A Sustainable Board Meeting

Create a sustainable board meeting to help set new standards for your business Recently we have spoken with large businesses all over the world about the challenge of pushing sustainability as a priority. Of course, as with all challenges, there are opportunities as well. Get the board in agreement and they set the culture for

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How To Support And Improve Employee Health

How to support and improve employee health Concerned about your employees’ mental and physical health? Here are some practical tips for managers. The number of employee sick days reached an all-time low in 2018. But is that a good thing? The stats suggest that employees are working through illnesses, stress and other mental health issues.

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7 Ways To Easily Conserve Water At Work

7 ways to easily conserve water at work Concerned about your water usage? Here are 7 easy tips to conserve water at your workplace. In a rapidly changing climate, most of us know the value of lowering our resource use. But when it comes to the workplace, it can feel like someone else’s problem. If

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cycling to work tip header image

7 tips For Getting Your Staff On Their Bikes

7 tips for getting your staff on their bikes Want to encourage your employees to travel sustainably? Here are 7 of our best tips to make cycling to work easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. Sustainable transport is the basis on which to build a sustainable society. When we reduce our travel emissions, we show the

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19 Tips For Reducing Your Transport Emissions

19 tips for reducing your transport emissions Want to reduce your transport emissions at work? Here are 19 tried and trusted tips. In the past, I used to drive a lot. And I would bemoan the state of the roads — why is there so much traffic? Why can’t our transport experts sort this out?

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7 Energy Saving Ideas For The Office

7 energy saving ideas for the office It’s time to get serious about cutting our energy consumption. Let’s start at the office. We spend one-third of our lives at work, so while we’re eager to cut our energy usage at home, the office is another place to make crucial savings. With the world facing climate

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4 Trends That Are Hurting You, Your Company, And The Planet

The way we do business has to change. It’s making us sick, making our companies fail and ruining the planet we live on. In the UK last year, 12.5 million work days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety. And on an even less cheerful note, the world is 12 years away from environmental

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The Long Swim: 3 Lessons For Every Business

Lewis Pugh recently completed a 560km swim along the English Channel in the fight to protect our oceans. Here’s what every business can learn from his efforts. The average person burns around 500 calories in an hour of swimming. As a rough estimate Lewis Pugh — in his superhuman effort The Long Swim — burned

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Business travel tips: 7 ways to save money and emissions

Business Travel Tips: 7 Ways To Save Money And Emissions

Business travel is not just hard on your company’s profits, it also contributes to harmful — avoidable — emissions. Rethinking your approach to travel can lead to improvements all across your Triple Bottom Line. Let’s take a look at seven ways your company can save money and carbon by changing the way your employees travel.

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5 Sustainable Business Decisions To Make Without Compromising

We can all do more to help the environment and the people around us. Even the greenest companies are constantly striving to soften their impact, and we’re no different. That’s why we’ve created a list of five green changes your business could make — without having to settle for second best. Small changes can make

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how to get your staff on board with sustainability

How To Get Your Staff On Board With Sustainability

Here are our tips for getting the whole team involved in sustainability. Becoming a sustainable company is a lot easier when all your employees are on the same page. It’s no use having one or two green-minded individuals if your processes and practices are undermining their good work. As an organisation that is committed to

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