June 22


Supporting Good Mental Health For The Team

By Amberley Hack

June 22, 2021


Follow these tips for ideas on how to support the mental health of your team and create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

This year has been one that has been challenging in different ways for all of us. Adjusting to working from home, being unable to see loved ones, and the uncertainty of our lives have been just some of the challenges that have impacted many of us. As a result, it is so important that we take good care of our mental health, and support others in any way we can. 

Sometimes we want to know how to support the team and create a safe and happy space for all. Sometimes we don’t quite know where to start, or how to go about it. 

We have spoken about supporting the mental health of the team before. You can read about the benefits of getting the team into journaling here, why connecting with nature is so important for finding motivation here, or how supporting good health is one of the Sustainable Development Goals here

In this blog, we share with you a broader list of things you can do and implement in the workplace to support the mental health of the team. 

Having A Mental Health First Aider

Investing in having a dedicated mental health first aider in the team can be a really great way to take mental health and your employees wellbeing seriously. Not only does it give a team member a chance to learn and grow their skills, but it also means that there is a dedicated person others can go to for assistance. It means that when someone in the workplace does have mental ill health, the signs will be spotted more easily. Spotting the signs quickly can be really important for a full recovery. 

You can learn more, find details, and sign up here

Learning How To Support One Another

Taking the time to learn about what makes the people in your organisation happy, and what might cheer them up when they are going through a tough time, is another great thing to do. This one is completely free to do. It is the act of taking some time to talk to each other and ask what it is that they need. 

Learning each other’s love language, or language of affection, is one way of doing this. Keep it open so that people do not have to take part if they do not wish to, but if the team does then it can help to build meaningful relationships.

Learning if a colleague values words of appreciation can help you to know that cheering them on and thanking them for their work can go a long way. Alternatively, knowing another colleague appreciates quality time can mean that you know to give them a call if they are struggling with something. 

Setting clear boundaries and making sure the team knows them is another way to help the team understand each other. Taking the time to discuss this with the team in an open and non-judgemental way is important, while also respecting a colleague if they do not wish to or feel able to share. 

The Little Things Go A Big Way

Sending little surprise treats can be another way to make someones day. The Happy News by Emily Coxhead is a newspaper that comes out every 3 months. It is filled with positive, happy news from all over the world. We recently bought copies for the team to encourage a positive mindset. The team loved it and it brought some great energy to our Monday meeting, discussing the stories shared. This could be a great addition to the office, or sent to employees who work remotely.

Other treats such as monthly cake or trips for coffee can be additional little touches of showing the team you care and bringing moments of joy. Any little thing can go a big way. 

Sharing Our Favourites

In our team slack, we have a channel for our favourites. Just sharing with the team books that we have read that we enjoyed, or our favourite songs or videos, can bring a smile to people’s faces. Having an open space to be able to share what you’re enjoying and recommend them can be a way to support each other. 

Extra Benefits

Having extra benefits to working for your company such as a paid volunteer day of an employees choice is another added touch to increase wellbeing in the team. Another is to have sales incentives, such as for a spa day. This encourages employees to stay motivated and have something to look forward to. You can also offer training opportunities. This can keep employees learning and feeling empowered while also increasing their skills.

These are some ways you can support the wellbeing and mental health of the team. But the main thing is to always listen. It is to create an environment where people can speak without worry. A space where those who speak are listened without judgement. Where people are supported and encouraged, where good work is celebrated and rewarded. These are all ways that we can create that environment; a space where people are happy to work and work happy. Supporting good health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

If you would like to read more about how to support the health of your team, then you can read further tips in our blog How To Support And Improve Employee Health.

About the Author

Amberley Hack works as a Copywriter and Editor for Conscious Creatives, mainly working on blogs, newsletters, and social media copy. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of East Anglia, where she studied a range from creative writing to Victorian literature. She also enjoys reading and writing stories, exploring new places, and going for long walks in nature.

Amberley Hack

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