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How to find motivation by connecting with nature

By Amberley Hack

August 11, 2020

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Feeling stagnant and unmotivated is something we all want to avoid. Here we discuss how spending time in nature can be a way to repel creative obstacles and feel more positive.

We all know that when we are feeing happy our performance at work is more effective. When we are well-rested and feeling connected to ourselves we are more confident and clear-minded.

Research has shown how our sense of wellbeing can be improved by extended time in nature. Here are some ways in which we can use this time outside to feel refreshed and more motivated in the workplace and our daily life.

Grounding in nature

Feeling grounded is when we feel so connected to the natural world that we feel as though we are a part of it. It is the feeling of being whole and connected, to both ourselves and the world around us. 

A good way to feel grounded is to fully immerse yourself within nature. That could be going for a swim in the ocean, or sitting on a beach with your hands buried in sand. It could be sitting on a park bench feeling the drizzle fall on your face, or a walk in the woods. Wherever you are, the key is to be mindful.  

Let your thoughts drift. Let go of any worries and fears by imagining them float away with the sea, or with the clouds. Instead focus on the sound of the waves, of the feel of the drizzle or sun on your skin. Focus on the sounds that are near. Then bring your attention to sounds further away. View everything around you as an extension of yourself. 

By doing this you are taking some time away from the familiar thoughts and worries of your life and letting yourself just be. As a result, you are allowing your mind to rest and reset. With a rested mind, and a sense of feeling connected, it feels easier to bring your whole self to work. 

Finding a routine

We hear many talk about having a morning or evening routine. But how many focus on including nature in their routine? 

If you put time aside for being in nature each morning or evening then you are more likely to make it a habit, and feel even more connected.

I know that if I go a few days without watching a sunset I quickly feel my mood become irritable. There are many different things you can do to make nature a part of your day. But to make it part of your routine you could take your morning coffee in a flask and drink it on your walk. You could take an hour of your evening away from screens, and leave your phone at home while you watch the sunset. 

Putting time aside for nature each day allows you to feel the positive affects of grounding more consistently. Not only this, time away from our daily stresses means that when we do return to work and our thoughts, we can think more clearly and calmly after our reset. 

Taking social activities outside

Research shows that we do not need much time outside to feel the benefits. Its suggests that even without excersising, the act of being outdoors and surrounded by green increases our well-being. 

A good way to get your whole company to enjoy these benefits is to take your normal social activities, such as going to the pub, outside. Spending time with your colleagues going for walks or a visit to the park instead allows you all to appreciate the advantages of nature.  

You could do exercises such as sharing what you are grateful for, or practising mindfulness together, such as writing down what you see, hear, and feel. By doing this with your friends or your team, together you are able to feel connected and a part of the world that surrounds you. 

It is important to make sure that we are in the moment rather than lost in our thoughts. By connecting to nature and the world around us in this way, we are able to feel more aligned with the universe.

Every thought we have creates a flow of energy. Through being in nature and focusing our thoughts on the world around us, we are able to transform our thoughts into positive energy. 

It is our duty to connect with nature. Feeling connected, and whole, allows us to return to work with a fresh and motivated mindset. If we neglect the natural world, and stay cooped up in our own thoughts and anxieties, then we are being irresponsible. We are being irresponsible for our team, ourselves, and for the world around us. 

How can you spend more time in nature?

Later this year Conscious Creatives is holding a free netwalking event for conscious professionals. This is a chance to meet like-minded people but in a way that allows you to be in nature and breathe in the fresh air at the same time as networking. If this is something of interest to you then please register here.

About the Author

Amberley Hack works as a Copywriter and Editor for Conscious Creatives, mainly working on blogs, newsletters, and social media copy. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of East Anglia, where she studied a range from creative writing to Victorian literature. She also enjoys reading and writing stories, exploring new places, and going for long walks in nature.

Amberley Hack

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