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Protecting the seas across Cornwall

By Mark Roberts

July 13, 2020

Protecting the seas across Cornwall

The world’s oceans are in trouble and Cornwall is no exception. Marine species are decreasing and many important habitats are threatened.

Urgent intervention is needed to help protect our seas and enable their recovery to support wildlife and fight climate change. Conscious Creatives supports Cornwall Wildlife Trust in calling for the creation of Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs), which would be protected against all damaging activity to allow the marine environment to thrive again. 

Exploring the seas of Cornwall

The Benyon Review of Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) was published recently by Defra. The independent panel (with representation from academia, industry, and conservation) included Joan Edwards, Director of Marine Conservation at the Wildlife Trusts. Joan sought input from Cornwall Wildlife Trust, which has one of the largest marine conservation programmes in the country. 

Cornwall Wildlife Trust supports the review’s recommendation that HPMAs should be an essential part of the UK network for the protection and recovery of the marine environment.

Ruth Williams, Marine Conservation Manager for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, says “Highly Protected Marine Areas could be really positive step forward in achieving a real recovery for our seas. They would ensure the protection of certain areas against damaging extractive activities, such as dredging and construction, so nature has a proper opportunity to recover. We could monitor their impact and they’d provide a much-needed example to research and learn from of what a thriving seabed means.”

Kelp around the coastline in Cornwall

The charity’s marine conservation work researches the health of Cornwall’s oceans. While some progress is being made (such as the promising recovery of crawfish off Cornwall’s shores), marine species and habitats remain threatened; many of which could play an important role in tackling climate change. 

HPMAs would be a big step forward in preventing and reversing the decline of our marine environment. As such Cornwall Wildlife Trust is calling for an ambitious HPMA delivery plan within a year and are working to identify suitable sites around Cornwall to put forward.

“As a proud supporter of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, we fully endorse their call for further marine protection. I’d encourage our clients and readers to take a moment to learn more about their impact on the oceans as well as this campaign to create HPMAs

Mark Roberts | CEO

Bottlenose dolphins playing off the coast in Cornwall

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s work has already contributed to the creation of 22 Marine Conservation Zones around Cornwall and we work closely with the fishing industry to understand concerns and encourage more sustainable practices.

For more information on our marine work, click here. For further details on HPMAs click here.   

About the Author

Mark is CEO of Conscious Creatives. A passionate believer in global policy supporting local action. His passion is realising the Global Goals. In his spare time, he can be found on the coast walking, swimming or surfing.

Mark Roberts

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