Our home in Cornwall

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Office address:

30 Ferris Town

Telephone: 01872 300797
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Why we love Cornwall

Conscious Creatives believes that Cornwall is a perfect home for any company that works in sustainability. We have long had a tradition of working and caring for the land and creating harmony. 

There are many challenges ahead of Cornwall but I believe that people want the same thing. To see a future that allows everyone to thrive. The passion we see from other business owners lets us know we are in good company and we are proud to serve this great county.

Organisations in Cornwall we support

surfers against sewage are a charity based in Cornwall
Cornwall Wildlife Trust are a charity based in Cornwall

Conscious Creatives are proud to serve as part of the Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club. We donate each month and attend events as well. This is a key part of our overall goals. We need to recognise and support local organisations that are doing great things. 

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust is another example of great work. Mark is part of the SeaQuest volunteer program where he insists that it's not just about looking for dolphins and that he is due for some training in the coming months helping him to document the changes in our local environment. 

Being on the front line and researching the effects of climate change is important to allow us to accurately portray the message. Impact communication is all about using facts to create action. 

Why Cornwall is a great place for business

There are many amazing places to visit, boasting 50+ National Trust areas as well as designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are lots of activities (including some hiking) and a thriving creative scene to be involved with as well. 

While we acknowledge the damage that flying has on the planet, Cornwall does have great links to London with new routes to Heathrow in addition to the Gatwick routes. The trains take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the South West so if time is no issue then we strongly encourage you to take a train in and out of Cornwall.  

Funding from the ERDF is readily available across the county and allowing some amazing projects to happen. Cornwall is investing in the future of the entire planet and I firmly believe will play a key role in building a sustainable future for us all. This is why Conscious Creatives moved here and why we believe that Cornwall has a strong future as a leader for UK business. Even education centres like Truro and Penwith College are open to discussions around a sustainable future.