The election result hurts — now we must act

The election result hurts — now we must act Don’t lose hope. The new government must face opposition from a progressive movement At the time of writing, the country is sitting down to lunch on a day when the Conservative Party returned a majority of 86 MPs. For those of us who criticised the Conservatives’ […]


This government has failed the environment

This government has failed the environment An election is looming. How has the Conservative government performed on environmental measures? With the UK on the brink of another election, the public is about to elect the government responsible for tackling the climate crisis.  And after nine years of Conservative rule — including five in coalition with […]

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How electric vehicles are shaking up an industry

How electric vehicles are shaking up an industry The move to battery-powered transport is changing things for the better In a society that is looking to fight the climate crisis, there’s an obvious culprit. The transport sector is responsible for around 23% of global CO2 emissions and continues to drive the climate emergency. But there […]

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Good news! A positive look at the latest climate action

Good news! A positive look at the latest climate action It’s not all doom and gloom. Here are some good news stories from the world of sustainability. When it comes to climate breakdown, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by bad news. But once in a while, it’s good to remind ourselves that the situation isn’t […]

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The climate crisis is more urgent than we thought

The climate crisis is more urgent than we thought Scientists have issued their most urgent warning yet. On the 40th anniversary of the world’s first climate conference, scientists have issued a stark warning: “We declare clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency.” The statement, endorsed by 11,000 scientists, also warns of […]


It’s time to start valuing our forests

It’s time to start valuing our forests Our forests are vital in the fight against the climate crisis. We need to start protecting them. This week, scientists revealed that we’ve been massively underestimating the damage caused by destroying forests.  Research at the University of Queensland, Australia showed that the climate impact of clearing forests has […]


Is the climate crisis being taken seriously?

Our environment is under threat. Are we doing enough to combat the climate crisis? The need for climate action has never been greater. We have just 12 years to limit global temperatures to a 1.5C warming or face catastrophe. But is that urgency being felt by the general public?  There is still some public doubt […]


How sustainable investing can change the world for good

Your investments make the world of difference. Here’s how to get started with sustainable investing. In the past week, British newspaper The Guardian has uncovered some unsavoury findings linking big business to the worsening climate crisis. Their research revealed that just 20 companies are responsible for a third of all carbon emissions.  Later, they showed […]


How to build on the climate strikes

The climate strikes broke all records. Here’s what we need to do next. Last week we saw historic turnouts in strikes all over the globe. An estimated 4 million people worldwide protested against climate inaction — the single greatest challenge of our time. And with young people leading the way — from Greta Thunberg to […]

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6 outdoor trips for your mental wellbeing

Sometimes we need to get away from the stress of daily life. Here are a few ideas for mini escapes that almost everyone can join in with. With mental health now high on the public agenda, it’s important to know your triggers. While it’s good to know that treatment is there when we need it, […]