February 10


The future of sustainable travel!

By Ruby James

February 10, 2021

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Riding Sunbeams is an innovative company reimagining how we travel. Currently, on average, trains produce 80 grams of CO2e per mile travelled. Although this is still a big problem, travelling via train is still the most energy-efficient way of travelling. Coming in at three times more efficient than driving a car the same distance. Riding Sunbeams however think we can do even better.

By building solar farms on land near railways and plugging the energy created directly into the tracks. By 2019 they were able to open the first ever solar powered railway. This proved to be a triumphant success, and Riding Sunbeam have not stopped working to decarbonise the railway system ever since.

The future of the Railway

Riding Sunbeams work within the communities. They do this by giving the ownership to the people of the area. As a result, those who use the transport also benefit from the green electricity.

The company are also now working with ‘Network Rail’ to make London to Eastbourne’s mainline the first railway directly powered by solar energy. This development will save up to 245 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The good news doesn’t stop here though, Riding Sunbeams are now working with small community led energy groups to help them make a profit without having to connect into the National grid. The solar farms will be connected directly to regional rail networks. This ensures that solar farm owners are paid a fair price for their power, and rail networks are supporting their own communities.

By 2022 Riding Sunbeams have plans to open a community solar farm in Berwick East Essex, named Cuckmere. This is a 3.75MW community owned project. Both rail commuters and local members of the community will be able invest into the project. This is a great stride for the UK, and here at Conscious Creatives we are going to give these projects the press they deserve.

To find out more good news in the world of sustainability make sure to check out ‘sustainability news’ under the section ‘free resources’ on our website. Or click here to learn about Green energy funding in the UK.

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