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How To Figure Out Your Branding

By Mark Roberts

May 28, 2017

How To Figure Out Your Branding

What’s in a brand? What is a brand? How important is a brand?

Questions that I talk about a lot with clients. They have an idea, they want that idea to make money and then the tought process just kind of stops.

In this digital age, with so many offers, so many scams, so many coaches coaching coaches to coach coaches claiming to be thought leaders you have to stand out. Stand out for the RIGHT REASONS.

You need to have a brand, something tangible that people can identify with and choose you over your competitors.

So what does a brand look like?

Well it’s more than just a logo that’s for sure. A logo is a visual representation of your brand.

Your brand is a component of lots of different things from visual stuff like the logo, colours and fonts all the way down to your Core Values and your company Mission Statement.

Here at Conscious Creative we ask lots of questions about the business and the customers and then we hand that over to our graphics team for them to interpret and create visuals from. We don’t go to some free logo builder and then use that because it doesn’t represent the individuality of your business.

In fact it’s the individuality of your business that really matters. We work with a lot of people that are looking for one thing…

How can you build me an automated funnel that makes me a millionaire, in one week, while I sleep?

Ok maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you get the point. The world of digital advertising has created a unique breed of business owners looking for an easy way to build revenue without considering their brand at all. The thing is, when it boils down to it, your brand matters more. Write this next bit down, stick it to your computer and read it every day…

Funnels are NOT UNIQUE…Your brand IS

So why not spend less time worrying about the best way to convert cold traffic and think about your messaging and how you communicate with your audience to really make the big wins!

The first thing to note down when trying to figure out your brand and it’s position in the market is to ask yourself the question ‘Why?’.

  • Why bother?
  • Why now?
  • Why me?
  • Why this product?

If you start to think about things like this it gives you the opportunity to start getting creative and get to the root of what has moved you to make the business in the first place. This is great because it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been trading for 500 years or have nothing more than an idea. Getting to grips with your brand is an incredibly important part of your business and the decisions you make day in and day out.

Then start to think about the customer.

  • Who would want this?
  • What do they look like before and after using my product/service?

This is the start of matching your offer with your target market. It is starting to give you the language that you will use when talking with prospects and helping them understand what you do and what you can do for them.

From all of this data, most of it might be barely legible writing as you’ve started to write with such fury as you unlock all your thoughts. You can use this to start to form two of the most important factors of your brand.

Core Values & Mission Statement

Core values are how you are going to behave as a company and your mission statement is what you are going to do as a company. Here are ours:

Conscious Creatives Core Values:

  1. Create Positive Social Change.
  2. Always Do The Best Work That You Can.
  3. Don’t Chase Perfection.
  4. Doing The Right Thing Is Always The Right Thing To Do.
  5. Create A Culture Of Open & Honest Communication.
  6. Have A Kind Heart Towards All Work & Challenges.

Conscious Creatives Mission Statement:

To Help 5000 Socially Responsible Companies Grow Over The Next 5 Years

I hope as you read our values and mission that you can see just how powerful these can be. With these two things we can go on and start to figure out our plan of attack. How are we going to help 5000 socially responsible companies? How are we going to reflect our core values in our behaviour?

The best part of all of this is that because you can create such amazing connections with your audience you are able to get your message further and easier (think viral but we hate that word) and that means it’s a cost effective way to do your advertising. More eyes on your products for less money!

That directly helps generate more ROI for your efforts. That’s what really matters!

About the Author

Mark is CEO of Conscious Creatives. A passionate believer in global policy supporting local action. His passion is realising the Global Goals. In his spare time, he can be found on the coast walking, swimming or surfing.

Mark Roberts

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