March 18


Why Earth Hour is so important

By Rhys Herbert

March 18, 2019

Why Earth Hour is so important

Put it in your diary: Earth Hour, 30th March 2019 at 8:30pm.

This year, Earth Hour is all about getting back in touch with nature. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, it’s time to take stock of what the planet gives us.

The campaign centres on the hashtag #Connect2Earth and encourages us all to turn off our lights on 30th March at 8:30pm.

It’s a simple act, but one that a lot of us need to reignite our appreciation for the natural world. Here’s why Earth Hour is so important in 2019.

Remind us of the challenge on our hands

As of 2019, around half of the world’s tropical forests have been cleared. That amounts to an estimated 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

With carbon emissions at an historical high, the IPCC has predicted a catastrophic rise in global temperatures over the next century if we don’t make drastic changes.

Those two facts alone should be cause for concern.

It’s time to accept that things are bad. Then, it’s time to get in touch with the planet we hold so dear. Earth Hour 2019 is the perfect opportunity.

Be grateful for what we’ve got

This year’s theme — #Connect2Earth — is just what we need for taking control of climate change. If people are engaged and grateful for the planet, it’s easier to come together and demand change.

That starts with being grateful for the things we’ve got.

Fast fashion and built-in obsolescence have disconnected us from the impact our possessions have on the world. On Earth Hour 2019, take stock of the things you hold dear.

Take a moment to appreciate where it came from — the raw materials, who made it, how it came to be.

Being conscious of our consumption is key. When we’re more grateful, we’re less likely to make rash, throwaway purchases that harm the planet. Reducing carbon emissions starts with making slow, informed decisions.

Come together as a community

Our favourite thing about Earth Hour is how it brings people together. The simple act of switching off lights, TVs and phones can be a powerful thing.

With a common cause — to highlight humanity’s coming challenges — we can join together as one.

People from all over the world will be taking part in their own way, and that sense of community is priceless.

How to make the most of Earth Hour

Your Earth Hour celebration can last as long as you like. This year, think about how you can come together with friends, family and like-minded people.

That could be anything from a candlelit evening of board games, to an outdoor barbeque.

When we reduce our reliance on technology, even for an hour, we have to look for other ways to entertain ourselves. Bringing loved ones together is the ideal replacement.

Here are a few other ideas for celebrating Earth Hour:

  • Stay indoors with board games and candles
  • Host a stargazing evening outdoors
  • Tell stories around a campfire
  • Do some wildlife spotting in your garden
  • Take a night-time walk

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