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rock formation in Cornwall signalling intent to support the united nation sustainable development goals

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK Conscious Creatives are proud to partner with the UKSSD (United Kingdom Stakeholders for Sustainable Development). Through collaboration and access to new insights, we are building a thriving and influential network to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK UKSSD | United Kingdom Stakeholders for […]

australia wildfire taking animals homes

Throwing Logs on the Fire

Throwing Logs on the Fire How the Australian Bushfires are Indicative of Something Greater This is a guest post by Immigration Advice Service. David Hildebrand is a content writer for the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration lawyers providing free advice and support to asylum seekers and victims of abuse With the world recently […]

a conscious organisation come together for a meeting

5 Steps to creating a conscious organisation

5 Steps to creating a conscious organisation The world is on fire, inequality is rising and it’s about time leaders stepped up and made the necessary changes. The difficulty with making changes to be ‘more sustainable’ or ‘conscious’ as an organisation is that it’s really difficult to define what those terms mean. In order to […]


Conscious Creatives works with local students on recycling initiative across Cornwall

Truro-based specialist marketing agency, Conscious Creatives, has recently partnered with Falmouth School to support its GCSE Design Technology students on a project focusing on recycling in the county. The partnership has been created in response to the exam board’s theme of “working towards a sustainable future”. Conscious Creatives is a leading player in sustainable communications. […]

sustainable board meeting in progress - header image

3 Simple steps to a sustainable board meeting

Create a sustainable board meeting to help set new standards for your business Recently we have spoken with large businesses all over the world about the challenge of pushing sustainability as a priority. Of course, as with all challenges, there are opportunities as well. Get the board in agreement and they set the culture for […]

truro and penwith college

Visiting Truro and Penwith College

Visiting Truro and Penwith College I spent a morning at Truro and Penwith College talking to media and photography degree students about freelancing, marketing and sustainability. Talking to creative students is important for a local business. Especially for us as a marketing agency because these students are likely to be working in the industry in […]

19 tips for saving energy header image

19 tips for saving energy at home

19 tips for saving energy Saving energy particularly through the winter month is something that is own all of our minds. We don’t want to be cold but we also don’t want our energy bills to triple. From an environmental viewpoint making sure that we don’t waste energy is important as everything we waste adds […]


Will COP24 deliver what we need?

Will COP24 deliver what we need? In 2015 the world met to create the Paris Agreement, acknowledging that more needed to be done to protect our planet, and now 192 states will come together at COP24 in Poland to create the rulebook. It’s the 24th time the UNFCCC have met and with climate breakdown at […]


3 Steps for successful Corporate Social Responsibility in 2019

3 Steps for successful Corporate Social Responsibility in 2019 We know that Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer about ticking a box. It is the core component of a necessary change. We know that planet earth as we know it is in grave danger. We know that large corporations and individuals need to make big […]


SMEs and the United Nations SDGs

The United Nations have put forward their ideas to solve global sustainability and while elected officials and large corporations debate how to fix these huge problems, how do their targets apply to small business? The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global […]