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How to build on the climate strikes

The climate strikes broke all records. Here’s what we need to do next. Last week we saw historic turnouts in strikes all over the globe. An estimated 4 million people worldwide protested against climate inaction — the single greatest challenge of our time. And with young people leading the way — from Greta Thunberg to […]

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6 outdoor trips for your mental wellbeing

Sometimes we need to get away from the stress of daily life. Here are a few ideas for mini escapes that almost everyone can join in with. With mental health now high on the public agenda, it’s important to know your triggers. While it’s good to know that treatment is there when we need it, […]

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Why we should all strike for the climate

Time’s up. Now we have to take action for the future of our climate. On September 20th, 2019 people from all over the world will down tools and strike for the climate. It will mark the biggest day of climate action in history, with protesters demanding widespread change to how we treat the environment. As […]

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Sustainability and looking after your mental health

If your mental health is taking a backseat, you can’t expect to sustain your efforts. Here are some tips to cope with the burden. Caring about the future of the planet can take its toll on our mental health. It requires us to pour ourselves into a cause which can sometimes seem bleak. Even the […]

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Why should your company be more sustainable?

Being a sustainable company is no longer just good for PR — it’s the bare minimum. Making sustainable changes to your brand — whether it’s reducing your waste, stepping up your recycling or using ethical suppliers — can have many beneficial effects. None more important than the effect on the planet. But in this day […]

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5 ways to reconnect with sustainability

Follow these easy tips every day to change your world. Becoming a more sustainable company is a big commitment. It changes everything from your resource use to your human resources practices. So, if you’re in the midst of that process, it might be worth taking some time to get to grips with sustainability once more. […]

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Amazon fires: How your company can help

The Amazon fires are still raging. Your company has the power to change the status quo. The scale of the devastation that the Amazon fires have caused in the rainforest is unknown, but reports are bleak and video footage shows apocalyptic scenes. Last week we wrote about how consumers and concerned environmentalists can help prevent […]

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The Amazon is burning. What can we do?

The lungs of our planet are on fire. Now is the time to step back, learn the facts and demand action. The warnings have been there for decades. Climate scientists in the 1970s knew that the planet was facing an unprecedented threat — from ourselves. Now, we’re seeing the very real and very visible results. […]

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Are ‘green spaces’ helpful in sustainability?

It’s easy to think of nature as existing in a certain place — but is that damaging to sustainability?  In 1872, Yellowstone was established as the first national park in the USA. It was a measure to preserve the biodiversity and landscape of one of the country’s most beautiful natural landmarks. And while it wasn’t […]

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5 volunteering ideas for your company’s CSR

Want to give back to the environment? Here are some worthwhile causes your company can support through CSR. No company can operate without taking from the planet. It’s a sad fact, but we’re all reliant on its resources and land to earn our living. And while many of us try to soften that impact, we’ve […]

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