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This government has failed the environment

An election is looming. How has the Conservative government performed on environmental measures? With the UK on the brink of another election, the public is about to elect the government responsible for tackling the climate crisis.  And after nine years of Conservative rule — including five in coalition with the Lib Dems — it’s important […]


Are we all guilty of betraying the environment?

Are we all guilty of betraying the environment? This week, George Monbiot of the Guardian published a surprising criticism of veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. In short, he accused him of betraying the environment. Attenborough, perhaps the very definition of ‘national treasure’, is accused of underplaying the urgency of climate catastrophe. In a recent interview, […]

rock formation in Cornwall signalling intent to support the united nation sustainable development goals

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK Conscious Creatives are proud to partner with the UKSSD (United Kingdom Stakeholders for Sustainable Development). Through collaboration and access to new insights, we are building a thriving and influential network to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK UKSSD | United Kingdom Stakeholders for […]

australia wildfire taking animals homes

Throwing Logs on the Fire

Throwing Logs on the Fire How the Australian Bushfires are Indicative of Something Greater This is a guest post by Immigration Advice Service. David Hildebrand is a content writer for the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration lawyers providing free advice and support to asylum seekers and victims of abuse With the world recently […]

climate emergency action plan header

Climate Emergency Action Plan

Climate Emergency Action Plan What does the climate emergency mean for your business?In a planet decimated by the climate crisis the world economy will not look like it does now.  There will be large scale destruction of property, mass movement of people and markets will collapse. There will be no more doing business. It will be […]

impact reporting header

Impact Reporting

Impact Reporting Who needs support with measuring sustainability? Organisations of all sizes and types are now measuring and reporting on their sustainability practices as the climate breakdown continues to cause devastation all over the globe.  Conscious Creatives supports all organisations that are asking themselves the question – “how do we become more sustainable?”. The answer is often […]

impact communications meeting

What We Do

Impact Communications Agency What is an Impact Communications Agency? We believe that for organisations to fight against the major problems of our time, we have to start making brave and tough choices. We also recognise that organisations are choosing to adapt rather than give up and close their doors.  Impact Communications is about creating a business case […]

impact campaigns being created on a computer and notepad

Impact Campaigns

Impact Campaigns What is an Impact Campaign?An Impact Campaign is a unique approach to communications campaigns that focuses on the Triple Bottom Line approach that was put forward by John Elkington in 1994. The triple bottom line (TBL) is a framework or theory that recommends that companies commit to focus on social and environmental concerns just […]


How to fight the climate crisis in 2020

The new years offers a fresh start. Here’s how we can stand up for the environment in 2020 The new year is almost upon us and that means it’s time to reflect. What went right? What lessons can we take into 2020 to fight climate breakdown? It’s easy to say this about any year, but […]


The election result hurts — now we must act

Don’t lose hope. The new government must face opposition from a progressive movement At the time of writing, the country is sitting down to lunch on a day when the Conservative Party returned a majority of 86 MPs. For those of us who criticised the Conservatives’ failings on the environment — and their many other […]

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